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Centre: Arcangelo Corelli. Born Fusignano 1653 (famous composer).
Four views of streets in Fusignano


Biddulph is twinned with Fusignano; a small town situated close to the Adriatic coast of North East Italy, in the province of Ravenna.

Venice lies 80 miles to the north, Florence 50 miles southwest and Bolgna 30 miles northwest.

The area around Fusignano is like Biddulph, mainly agricultural. The main crops are grapes for the wine industry and various other fruits. Industry in the town is aminly light engineering, with some commerce, shoe manufacturing, construction and transport.

Shops as in Biddulph, are of the family run type with a few large shops and a Friday market.

The inhabitants of Fusignano are amongst the most friendly, warm-hearted people that you could wish to meet.


Biddulph Twinning Association

The Biddulph Twinning Association was formed in 1987 when Biddulph was officially twinned with Fusignano. It is a non-profit making organisation. Its aims are to promote and maintain social, commercial and educational links between the two communities and to give their townsfolk the opportunity to experience all aspects of each other’s culture, traditions, friendship and way of life.

The Assocition is an independent self-funding organisation. It meets once a month, throughout the year.

As well as organising programmes of entertainment and activities, and making accommodation arrangements for visitors from Fusignano, it also arranges a general programme of fund raising and social events for the general public.

New friends are always welcome. Help with fund raising, hosting, or simly participation in social events is greatly appreciated.

Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month at 7.00pm in Biddulph Town Hall. The Association is open for any one to attend.


Visiting Fusignano

The Association will provide assistance to any group, family or individual who wishes to visit Fusignano. The Association will help with travel arrangements and accommodation in Italy.

Visitors to Fusignano are usually accommodated in the homes of local families. The same arrangements apply to Italian visitors to Biddulph.

Being hosted by a family carries no obligation to host a visitor from Fusignano in return, though offers to do so are greatly appreciated.

All visitors pay their own travelling expenses, there is no charge for accommodation with a host family in either community.

You are eligible to participate in the twinning organisation if you:

• live in Biddulph

• work or go to school in Biddulph

• Belong to a club or organisation based in Biddulph.


Ways to visit Fusignano

Organised Groups
Arrangements can be made for groups to visit Fusignano for specific purposes. In the past visits have been made by a local football team and a choir.

A party of local young people usually visit Fusignano for a week at the end of May. Students’ aged 13+ may join the group.

Adults and Families
Most years a group will be organised to visit Fusignano, usually in August or September.

The Fusignano Twinning Committee will arrange a programme of appropriate visits, activities and entertainment.

Visits can be arranged at any time provided that one month’s notice is given. The Twinning Association will arrange accommodation and assist with travel arrangements if necessary.


About Fusignano

Location:     NE Italy, Emilia Romagna
Province:     Ravenna
Population:  7,500 (approx)
Area:            9.5 sq miles / 24.6 sq km
Elevation:    23ft / 7m above sea level

Ravenna – 15.5 miles / 27 kilometres
Bologna Airport – 34 miles / 55 kilometres
Toll Road a14 – 6.2 miles / 10 kilometres
Railway Station – 4.3 miles / 7 kilometres


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