Grant Application form 2016-17

Guidelines and Accompanying Notes:

Please read these notes carefully before completing the application form

 1.         Grant applications will normally only be considered from groups and organisations within the area administered by Biddulph Town Council.  All grants applications are considered through its Finance Committee.

 2.         The Town Council reserves the right not to make grants to certain types of organisation and is unable to award funding to assist with publicity.

 3.         The beneficiaries of any grant must be centred on Biddulph or should be of benefit to a high percentage of Biddulph residents.  Be prepared that evidence may be requested. 

4.         Applicants should attempt to meet expenses from other sources and provide evidence to that effect if requested.  (Other sources might include District and County Councils, parent organisations if the applicant is the branch of a larger organisation, or national bodies such as the Sports Council, Charitable Trusts, Robbie Williams Give it Sum, or the National Lottery).

 5.         Retrospective grants will not normally be considered.

6.         Any grant will be made for a single application only.  Long-term or dependent grants will need to be re-submitted on an annual basis.

 7.         Monetary limits for all grants will normally be £30 minimum and £2000 as a maximum.  Larger amounts may be considered in exceptional circumstances.

 8.         All applications must include any appropriate plans, drawings, or other relevant information to enable the application to be accurately assessed.  This must include a current set of independently examined/audited accounts (a copy of a bank statement is not sufficient).

 9.         The Town Council reserves the right to verify the details supplied in the application.  If false information is given, the Town Council may refuse your application outright.

 10.      The Finance Committee reserves the right to monitor the application and use of any grant aid and may withhold, withdraw, or recover the grant, if the operation for which the grant is awarded ceases, or its aims and objectives vary to the extent that the application would not have been eligible for consideration at the time of application.  Any misuse of grant aid funds will result in appropriate legal action.

 11.      Where an organisation receives a grant it shall be on the condition that members of the Town Council’s Finance Committee may visit its premises, site of the project and/or event if appropriate and may request sight of receipts or other proof of expenditure.

 12.      The applicant must specifically acknowledge the contribution made by Biddulph Town Council when arranging promotional activity or literature relating to the application.

 13.      Any awarded grant must be spent in this financial year ie by 31 March 2017, unless a written application for an extension is made to the Finance Committee by 1 March 2017.  In this event an alternative date may be specified by which the expenditure must be made. 

 14.      If any grant aid is not spent as stated on the application, or not spent by the specified date, the grant must be returned in full to Biddulph Town Council.

 15.      An evaluation must be provided to Biddulph Town Council within 4 weeks of the completion of the project; to provide evidence that the benefits and outputs have been achieved.

 16.      Neither the Town Council nor the Finance Committee will enter into any correspondence regarding any decision made by the Finance Committee.

 17.      The Finance Committee will consider requests for grants annually in June.  Late applications will not be considered.

 Only one application from any organisation per year will be considered.  Preference may be given to those organisations which have not received prior funding from Biddulph Town Council.

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