Public Participation


Public Participation Time at Council Meetings – A Guide to Our Procedures 

Your opportunity to have your say


(1)   Public participation time is an opportunity for you to raise issues of concern or interest – you may ask a question, make a statement, be a deputation or present a petition.

(2)   You can participate at the beginning of Council meetings which meets monthly on each third Tuesday in the Council Chamber at Biddulph Town Hall at 7 pm.

(3)   See details of the date and time of meetings.

(4)   Participation normally should relate to matters where the Council has powers or duties or which directly affect the town.  The Mayor will not allow any participation which is of a private nature which is unrelated to the business of the Town Council.


(5)    A request to participate must be made in writing to the Chief Officer at least seven days prior to the date of the meeting (ie received by noon on the preceding Wednesday)

(6) You will be invited to address the Mayor who may ask an appropriate Councillor or officer to reply in the case of a question.

(7)   A deputation should not exceed the seating capacity of the Chamber (ie twenty-five); only one person should speak.



(8)   A maximum 20 minutes will be allowed for participation at the start of the meetings. Each question/statement should not exceed 5 minutes, but can be exceeded at the discretion of the Mayor.

(9)   The Mayor may permit supplementary questions relating to the original question, taking account of the length of your original question and answer and any other anticipated public participation.



(10)   When you ask a question the answer may take the form of:-
(a)   a direct oral response; or
(b)   where relevant information is contained in a publication  of the Council, reference to that publication; or
(c)   where the reply to your question cannot conveniently be given orally, an undertaking to provide a written answer.

(11)   When you make a statement, present a petition or are part of a deputation, the Chairman may allow a brief response.  Alternatively the issue you have raised may be referred to an appropriate meeting for debate and any Councillor may propose this.

(12)   The minutes of the meeting will précis public participation proceedings.



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Contact Details:

If you have any queries about public participation time please contact the Chief Officer of the Council on 01782 298745

write to: Biddulph Town Council, Town Hall, High Street, Biddulph, Staffordshire Moorlands ST8 6AR

or email: