Proud to be a Fairtrade Town



Biddulph is a Fairtrade Town. We were first awarded this status in 2010, joining many other towns and cities in Britain and around the world. The award recognises the ongoing efforts to promote fair trade throughout the community.

What is Fairtrade?

Every two years we have to apply for a renewal of the status, by demonstrating the ways in which we have continued to raise awareness. No Fairtrade Town is allowed to ‘rest on its laurels’ – the Fairtrade Town status must be earned.

Biddulph Town Council and members of the community – including representatives from the majority of churches (most of which have Fairtrade Church status) –formed a partnership to organise, or support, events which raise awareness and promote fair trade. The two main annual events in Biddulph are the Fairtrade Fortnight Celebration, usually held in March, and the Open Cafe, held on Saturdays throughout the Biddulph Festival month of July.

We also exist to encourage and challenge local businesses and community groups to use and/or sell Fairtrade products wherever possible; and to work with local schools in teaching the principles of Fairtrade.

The members of the partnership group meet about three times a year. If you would like to know more, or get involved, new members are always welcome. You can also find us on Facebook under the name, Biddulph Fairtrade Town Group. Visit us there for up-to-date local and national Fairtrade news.