First Friday Of Every Month

April – December

Welcome to the Biddulph Artisan Market. The Garden Town of Staffordshire has held a market in the town in various formats for many years.

Hosted on the first Friday of the month between 9am and 3pm traders line the center part of the town outside the Town Hall to compliment the High Street offering.

Why A Friday When Residents Are Working:

Our neighboring town of Congleton is a Charter Market, a status which was granted back in 1272. This prevents other places in a 6 2/3 mile radius from having a market on a Saturday. Congleton Town Council is not the custodian of this Charter right, that rests with Cheshire East Council, who also now run the Congleton Market. Over the years Biddulph Town Council has had many discussions about the Charter to ask if we could move our market to a Saturday but Cheshire East wish to uphold Charter.

I Would Like to Trade on Your Market:

Welcome it would be lovely to have you! Biddulph is a small and friendly market and currently operates around 20 stalls a month.

Our aim for you as a trader is that you go home having sold your products and build a loyal customer base here in our town and with that in mind we wont flood the market with the same type of products.

We do this by following guidance from the market authority NABMA.  You will find an application form and a copy of our T&Cs in the right hand column.


Your Own Pitch & Charity Fee £8
Gazebo (Very Limited) £15
Stalls £12

Booking Form 2019

Biddulph Town Council

Biddulph Town Hall
High Street
Staffordshire Moorlands
St8 6AR

01782 297845

Monday – Friday 09.00-5.00